These tutorials will be on html,a little bit of css,and JS

First we will learn how to make a webpage and put text on it

First open a text editor,and type in this

<p>[Insert Text Here]</p>

Now save this as name.html

Now run it
If everything worked out you shold have a small peice of text that says whatever you put in the p tag.

Congratulations you have just wrote some html code.

OK lets stlye it with css

<p style="color:green" >[Insert Text Here]</p>

It should look like this

Try changing the colors inside the color

Now that we have done that let's explore one of the last main parts of a webpage JS.

Now lets try this.

<p style="color:green" >[Insert Text Here]</p>
<script>alert("[insert text here]")</script>

Ok if you did it right it should pop a message up,and put up your green text

Well good job, you just explored the 3 parts of a website