Ok lets go a little deeper into HTML,and JS

We are going to learn how to make a button that when you click does something

Ok so lets make a button that when click increaes the nubmer of cats you have so first type in

<p id="catsa">Cats : 0</p>

The reason for the ID tag is because the JS needs a way to find the HTML
Ok now that we have that lets put in a new element called a button

<button onclick="increasecats()">Click Me For More cats</button>

Ok put those two together in a html document and it should look something like this

Cats : 0

Ok we now have the html part let's add the JS
You may be asking what is the onclick tag well this just tells are JS that when clicked do something
Then you might ask well why is there no JS there well it's hard to write JS in that little space so were making it call a function
A function is just a tag that you can call code with for example

function increasecats() {

If you put this in a script tag in your html,then ran the program it would look something like this

Cats : 0

Now lets make it tell us how many cats we've clicked
To do this we are goind to need to use variables.
Variables may be confusing at times,but they are a relativly simple concept.
use this example to help you try,and decipher how to use them

var [Insert varname here] = [Insert value here]

Now let's add this to our program. By the way variables can also be used in other places such as these,and more.

alert([Varname]) [varname] + 1 var anothervar = [varname]

OK try do this own your own if you did everything correctly it should look like this

Congratulations you have just made a cat calculator thingy kind of,but we are not done yet
We need to make the text change

Let's use a js function called getElementById([Insert Id])
This will give us were the element is so we can change it

document.getElementById("catsa").innerHTML = x

x stands for the variable you should have made in order to get to this stage.
.innerHTML just means were editing the text that you put insided the element.
Now do this on your own.

If you did it correctly it should look like this

Cats : 0

Good Job you finished making a cat clicker game. "Kind of"